Sit-Elatech TRASCO ES联轴器:梅花弹性体_缓冲垫

Sit-Elatech TRASCO ES联轴器:TRASCO ES联轴器属于零间隙对接方案,旨在补偿索引应用程序的失调和振动抑制。TRASCO ES的紧凑设计使它成为所有精确运动应用程序的正确选择,Elatech通过弹性环吸收冲击和振动。

Elatech TRASCO ES couplings联轴器.png

TRASCO ES联轴器 Features特点:

· Shock absorbing elastomeric ring available in different hardnesses

· Suitable for axial or blind mounting

· Available in solid hub, bored, clamping, and shrink disc executions

· Available on request certified couplings according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU

Elatech TRASCO ES couplings梅花弹性体.png

Sit-ElatechTRASCO ES couplings联轴器.png