ELATECH SYNCRO-MAX 同步带:Elatech特宽聚氨酯皮带

ELATECH SYNCRO-MAX 同步带-ELATECH Syncro-MAX特宽皮带由聚氨酯制成,采用芳纶纤芯增强,提供正时传动和同步输送,无滑移、更好的跟踪、更高的分度/定位精度、较小的驱动轮要求、较低的皮带张力、较低的轴负荷和由此产生的节能效果。


ELATECH Syncro-Max皮带..png

Belt characteristics:Elatech同步带特性

ELATECH Syncro-Max同步带特制聚氨酯皮带将同步带的优点扩展到更宽的表面,并扩展到扁平和模块化传送带的典型应用。

· Pitch: metric T10 – inch H

· Natural color PU compound material

· Working temperatures between: -25/+80 °C

· Tension cords: Kevlar (Aramid) parallel cord reinforcement

· Compound: thermoplastic polyurethane 92 Sh. A with high wear resistance


· no slippage even when used in applications with presence of oils or grease

· positioning accuracy even at high linear speed

· very low noise compared to applications with plastic modular belts

· smaller drive pulley requirements

· energy saving as a result of low-tension and low friction forces in effect


Available with standard pulleys in aluminum, cast iron or steel, with solid hub, for mounting SER-SIT taper bushing or according to customer specifications.

Wide range of timing bars available on stock.