Sit-Elatech意拉泰同步带在制造的过程中可以满足直线运动、功率传输和输送应用中设计工程师的所有需求,达到同步带齿型参数准确同步。 ELATECH聚氨酯同步带采用TPU聚氨酯制成,具有出色的耐磨性和高强度钢丝绳。 Elatech同步带牙齿上的特殊聚酰胺织物(应要求提供)可降低摩擦系数,改善牙齿接触并降低噪音。


Tension Cords:同步带纤芯

ln order to maximize the application of ELATECHR timing belts,construction with special cords is available on request:


· HPL high performance cords: the cord cross section is increa-

sed compared with standard.This results in a lower beltelongation and more precise positioning accuracy.

· HFE high Flexibility cords: the cord cross section is spread ona higher number of single filaments.This results in a lowerbending stress and therefore in a higher resistance at reversebending of the cords.They allow using pulleys and idlers up to 30%smaller in dia-meter compared to standard.

· INOX stainless steel cords are suitable for application inaggressive environments.They have lower tensile strengththan standard cords.

· ARAMID: increases belt flexibility and decreases belt weight.

lt is to be noted that steel cords offer the best technical perfor-mances and dimensional stability of the belts.

Belt length tolerances are valid for steel cord reinforcement. lncase of other material (aramid, fibreglass) length tolerance maychange.

For application with special cords ask our engineering depart-ment.

Mechanical properties:

· Excellent dimensional stability

· High abrasion resistance

· Low pretension and shaft load

· Maintenance free

· High linear and angular positioning precision

· High efficiency

Product declaration(产品证明)

- ELATECH belts are certified to be according RoHS 2011/65/UE- On request, it is possible to deliver belts:

· with antistatic properties according to lSo9563

· other special certifications available on request


The standard colour ELATECH Rtiming belt is white.On demand it is possible to deliver belts in different colours.